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Step 3: Finding your Parts from the Peerless PDF Parts List

Once you have extracted the numbers from your sticker you should have the following information:

Model Number - For example: 205-026c or 801-030c

The most important of all of the numbers is the 6 digit number above. Look through the list of pdf parts lists below and you should be able to find the one for your model number. This is the complete parts list for your gearbox and all the information you will need to identify your spare parts. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of the pdf for yourself.

Peerless Gearboxes

Model Number PDF
Series 100
100-019C Download
100-066A Download
100-120 Download
100-128A Download
Series 204
204-506B Download
204-581A Download
Series 205
205-011B Download
205-014B Download
205-014C Download
205-024C Download
205-507B Download
205-527A Download
205-527D Download
205-535F Download
205-540D Download
205-544C Download
205-547 Download
205-554A Download
205-558A Download
205-563 Download
Series 206
206-511 Download
206-512A Download
206-526B Download
206-526C Download
206-536C Download
206-545C Download
206-546 Download
206-578 Download
Series 600
600-671A Download
Series 700
700-014 Download
700-036 Download
700-057A Download
700-091 Download
700-764 Download
700-791 Download
Series 800
800-832B Download
801-030A Download
801-030C Download
801-060 Download
801-064 Download
Series 900
900-010A Download
900-029 Download
900-030 Download
910-003 Download
915-005 Download
915-019 Download
915-032 Download
915-032A Download
930-009A Download
930-010 Download
930-019 Download
930-028 Download
930-050A Download
930-055A Download
940-016 Download
Series 1000
1000-014 Download
1000-027 Download
Series 1400
1400-1401A Download
Series 2000
LTH2000-031 Download


Decription PDF
100-066A Diagram Download
100-120 Diagram Download

Service Bulletins

Decription PDF
Peerless OEM Drive Solutions Download
Conversion Kit MST206-526 - 794639B Download
Lubricants & Sealants Download
Quick Reference Shifter Keys Download