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Step 3: Finding your Parts from the Toro PDF Parts List

Once you have extracted the codes from your sticker you should have the following information:

Model Number
Serial Number
Cutting Deck Model Number and Serial Number

Look through the tables below and you should be able to find your model number and the corresponding pdf. This is the complete parts list for your tractor and all the information you will need to identify your spare parts. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of the pdf for yourself.

XL Garden Tractors

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
10-32 and 12-32E Tractor71140 and 71200Download
12-32 XL Garden Tractor71182 and 71200Download
12-32 XL Garden Tractor71188 and 71201Download
12-32 XL Garden Tractor71199Download
12-32 XL Garden Tractor71201 - 7900001 and upDownload
12-38 XL Garden Tractor71184 and 71202Download
13-32 XL Garden Tractor71209Download
13-38 XL Garden Tractor71185 and 71205
- 6900001 and up
13-38 XL Garden Tractor71185 and 71205
- 7900001 and up
12-32 XLE Garden Tractor71201Download
13-32 XLE Garden Tractor71209 - 22 and upDownload
13-32 XLE Garden Tractor71209 - 24 and upDownload
13-38 XLE Garden Tractor71208Download
13-38 HXL Garden Tractor71191 and 71213Download
14-38 HXL Garden Tractor71215Download
14-38 HXL Garden Tractor71217 and 71193Download
14-38 HXL Garden Tractor71219Download
14-38 HXL Garden Tractor71193 and 71217Download
15-38 HXL Garden Tractor71240Download
15-44 HXL and HXLE Tractor71192 and 71216Download
16-38 HXL and 16-38 HXLE71225 and 71241Download
16-38 HXL and 16-38 HXLE71227 and 71242Download
16-38 XL and 16-38 XLE71223 and 71226Download
17-44 HXL Garden Tractor71228Download
17-44 HXL Garden Tractor71197 and 71280Download
14-38 HXLE Garden Tractor71245Download
18-44 HXLE Garden Tractor71285Download
XL 320 Garden Tractor71209Download
XL 320 Garden Tractor71257Download
XL 380H Garden Tractor71246Download
XL 380H Garden Tractor71252Download
XLS 380 Garden Tractor71254Download
XLS 420T Garden Tractor71255 - 312000001 and upDownload
XLS 420T Garden Tractor71255 - 313000001 and upDownload

Rear Engine Riders

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
8-25 Rear Engine Rider56133Download
8HP Rear Engine Rider56138 and 56145Download
8-25 Rear Engine Rider70060 - 5900001 and upDownload
8-25 Rear Engine Rider70060 - 7900001 and upDownload
8-25 Rear Engine Rider70122Download
8-32 Rear Engine Rider56185Download
11-32 Rear Engine Rider70142Download
12-32 Rear Engine Rider51677 - 100001 and upDownload
12-32 Rear Engine Rider56150 - 9000001 and upDownload
12-32 Rear Engine Rider56175 - 9000001 and upDownload
12-32 Rear Engine Rider56195Download
12-32 Rear Engine Rider70084Download
12-32 Rear Engine Rider70171Download
13-32 Rear Engine Rider70183Download
12-32G Rear Engine Rider70125Download
13-32H Rear Engine Rider70184 - 220000001Download
13-32H Rear Engine Rider70184 - 230000001Download
H132 Rear Engine Rider70186Download
8-32, 10-32 and 12-32Models VariousDownload

DH Series Garden Tractors

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
DH 140 Garden Tractor74560 - 310000001 and upDownload
DH 140 Garden Tractor74560 - 314000151 and upDownload
DH 150 Garden Tractor74571Download
DH 170 Garden Tractor74570Download
DH 190 Garden Tractor74590Download
DH 200 Garden Tractor74571Download
DH 200 Garden Tractor74573 - 280000001 and upDownload
DH 200 Garden Tractor74573 - 290000481 and upDownload
DH 210 Garden Tractor74570Download
DH 210 Garden Tractor74582Download
DH 210 Garden Tractor74585Download
DH 220 Garden Tractor74590Download
DH 220 Garden Tractor74592 - 270000001 and upDownload
DH 220 Garden Tractor74592 - 280000001 and upDownload
DH 220 Garden Tractor74596Download

Zero-Turn / Timecutter Garden Tractors

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
Timecutter 14-38Z74402Download
Timecutter 16-42Z74403Download
Timecutter 17-44ZX74401Download
Timecutter SW320074670Download
Timecutter SS421674616Download
Timecutter Z38074419Download
Timecutter Z42074330Download
Timecutter Z42074403Download
Timecutter ZD42074433 - 260000001 and upDownload
Timecutter ZD42074433 - 290000001 and upDownload
Timecutter Z53074425Download
Timecutter ZD53074434Download
Timecutter ZS420074386 - 311000001 and upDownload
Timecutter ZS420074386 - 314000001 and upDownload
Timecutter ZS3200S74388Download
Timecutter ZS4200S74389Download
Timecutter ZX44074406 - 270000001 and upDownload
Timecutter ZS4200S74655Download
Timecutter ZS4200T74656Download
Timecutter ZS4200T74657Download
Timecutter ZS500074387Download
Timecutter ZS500074660Download
Timecutter ZX44074406Download
Timecutter ZX52574407Download
Timecutter HDX545074865 - 400000000 and upDownload
Zero Turn - Titan Z480074813Download
Zero Turn - Titan ZX480074846Download
Zero Turn - Titan ZX482074920Download
Zero Turn - Titan ZX540074848 - 315000373 and upDownload
Zero Turn - Titan ZX540074848 - 316000001 and upDownload
Zero Turn - Titan ZX542074924Download

Toro Wheel Horse

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
12HP Electric Start Lawn Tractor47400 - 8000001 and upDownload
12HP Electric Start Lawn Tractor47410 - 8000001 and upDownload
12HP Electric Start Lawn Tractor47420 - 8000001 and upDownload
LX420 Garden Tractor13AX60RG744Download
LX425 Garden TractorVarious ModelsDownload
LX426 Garden TractorVarious ModelsDownload
8-25 Garden Tractor56133Download
10-32 Garden Tractor70100Download
11-32 Garden Tractor57300 and 57360Download
12-32 Tractor57450Download
12-32 Garden Tractor70084Download
12-32 Garden Tractor70141Download
12-38 and 12-38E Tractor71180 and 71202Download
13-32 Garden Tractor70183Download
110-4 Garden TractorE3-10B401 and R3-10B401Download
110-4E and 112-6E TractorR3-10B402 and R3-12B601Download
110-4E and 112-6E TractorR3-10B403 and R3-12B602Download
110-4E and 112-6E TractorR3-10B404 and R3-12B602Download
112-6 Garden TractorE3-12K602 and R3-12K601Download
200-B Garden TractorR2-17K502Download
210-4 and 212-5 TractorE2-09K401 and E2-12K501Download
212-5 5 Speed TractorE2-12K502 and RD-12K501Download
212-5SB 5 Speed TractorF2-12K501 and S2-12K501Download
212-5 Garden TractorR2120E01 and R2120501Download
212-5 Garden TractorS2-12B502Download
212-5 and 212-H TractorA2-12K501 and A2-12KE02Download
212-H Automatic TractorE2-12KE01 and RD-12KE01Download
244-5E Garden Tractor72060Download
246-H Garden Tractor72042, 72062, 72043, 72063, 72083, 72103Download
264-6 Garden Tractor72042 and 72062Download
264-H Garden Tractor72043 and 72063Download
265-HE Garden Tractor72070Download
265-HE Garden Tractor72046 and 72064Download
265H and 265HE Tractor72071 and 72050Download
266-H and 266-HE Tractor72072 and 72052Download
267-H Garden Tractor72085 and 72104Download
268-H Garden Tractor72042, 72062, 72043, 72063, 72083, 72103Download
268-H Garden Tractor72086 and 72105Download
268-H and 268-HE Tractor72107 and 72087Download
268-H Garden Tractor72103Download
270-H Garden Tractor72106 and 72115Download
270-H and 270-HE Tractor72108 and 72116Download
270-H Garden Tractor72110Download
312-8 Garden TractorE1-12K802 and R1-12K01Download
312-8 8 Speed Garden TractorR1-12K802Download
312-8E Garden Tractor73380Download
312-8E Garden TractorR112K804Download
316-8 Garden TractorB1-16O802 and R1-16O801Download
416-8 8 Speed Garden TractorR1-16O802Download
416-8 and 8E Tractor73440Download
419XT Garden Tractor72212Download
420 Garden Tractor72201Download
430 Garden Tractor72212Download
518-HE Garden TractorE1-180E02 and R1-18OEO1Download
518xi, 520x and 520xi73471, 73542 and 73570Download
520Lxi Garden Tractor73547 and 73580Download
520-HE Garden Tractor73520Download
520XI Garden Tractor73542 - 230000001 and upDownload
523Dxi Garden Tractor73550 and 73551Download
523Dxi Tractor and Euro73552 and 72104Download
523Dxi Tractor and Euro73552 and 73590Download
825 Recycler70040Download
1032 and 1232E Tractor71140 and 71200Download

Further PDF Parts Lists

If you require further information, below is a list of pdfs categorized by part type:

Cutting Decks

Tractor SeriesModel NumberPDF
38" Side Discharge Deck78216 - 4900001 and upDownload
38" Side Discharge Deck78216 - 210000001 and upDownload
38" Side Discharge Deck78218 - 200000001 and upDownload
38" Side Discharge Deck78218 - 210000001 and upDownload
38" Side Discharge Deck78218 - 6900001 and upDownload
38" Side Discharge Deck78218 - 9900001 and upDownload
42" Side Discharge Deck78230Download
42" Side Discharge Deck78232Download
42" Side Discharge Deck78292Download
48" Side Discharge DeckXT Series - 78295Download
48" Side Discharge Deck78269Download
48" Side Discharge Deck78449Download
52" Side Discharge Deck78252Download
52" Side Discharge Deck78370 and 78452Download
36" Rotary Deck3536RL03Download
38" Rotary Deck0538SL01Download
42" Rotary Deck0542SS01Download
48" Rotary Deck78268 - 6900001 and upDownload
48" Rotary Deck78268 - 8900001 and upDownload
36" Rear Discharge DeckE5-36XRO1Download
42" Rear Discharge Deck78350Download
42" Rear Dis. Low Cut Deck78352Download
42" Rear Discharge Deck78353 and 78442Download
42" Rear Discharge DeckE5-42XRO1Download
44" Recycler/Side Dis. Deck79105 and 79106Download
44" Cutting Deck78357, 78444 and 78358Download
44" Cutting Deck78444Download
48" Cutting Deck78363 and 78448Download
48" Cutting Deck78260Download
52" Deck and Recycler78280 and 78285Download
52" Deck and Recycler79185Download


DescriptionModel NumberPDF
42" and 48" Vac Bagger79301Download
42" and 48" Bagger Model79301Download
Quiet Collector79451Download
Easy Empty Grass Catcher79096 for decks 32"Download
XLS 380 38" Finishing Kit79119Download
XLS 380 Twin Soft Bagger79118Download
38" Twin Bagger79202Download
XL 38" Twin Bagger79103Download
HXL 13-38 Twin Bagger79101Download
38" Recycler Kit79170Download
Instruction Manuals
8-25 Rear Engine Rider70060Download
12-32 Rear Engine Rider70084Download
DH 210 Garden Tractor74570Download
Decks 36", 42" and 48"Rear DischargeDownload
Tuff Torq TransaxleK61ADownload
Kohler Engines
Magnum MV16Spec 56501-56518Download
Magnum MV18Spec 58501-58539Download
Magnum MV20Spec 57501-57514Download