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Countax Gearboxes

The following table shows a list of gearboxes used on Countax tractors. Download the parts list for your gearbox and identify the part number. Then search for your part using the search box in the header. If your part is not available on the website, please contact [email protected].

To view the full Tecumseh and Peerless technicians handbook - click here
Image Manufacturer Gearbox Name Part Number Download
Countax Peerless 801 Gearbox 2019 Download
Countax Hydro 322-0750 Gearbox 0750 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K46 Gearbox 478000302 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K55 Gearbox 47894500 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K61 Gearbox 478000000 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K62 Gearbox 478000400 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K66I Gearbox 479389100 Download
Countax Tuff Torque K574C Gearbox 478000500 (2 port) Download
Countax Tuff Torque K574J Gearbox 478000501 (4 port) Download
Peerless 206-536C Gearbox 47927700 (old: 9478) Download

How to find the Model Number of your Peerless Gearbox

Use the identifical label on your gearbox to find your model number. It is likely that the model number will begin with 205, 206 or 801. The image below will help you extract these numbers from your label.

All units manufactured since 1964 have identification numbers located on a tag or are stamped into the case, this information is required to obtain parts or replacement units.

Click here to view the full Tecumseh Technician's Handbook.