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Westwood Powered Grass Collectors

The following table will help you identify the part numbers for your powered grass collector, based on the tractor model and year. Once you have identified your part number, please enter it into the search box above.

Year Spare Part Part Number
Westwood / Countax C, T & S Series Tractors
After 2003 Grass Collector Body Plus 30100021
After 2003 Grass Collector Net Assy Plus 40100021 *
Westwood / Countax A,D,K &V Series Tractors
After 2000 Grass Collector Body 30100004
After 2000 Grass Collector Net Assy 40100002
Countax C Series Tractors
From 2000 to 2002 PGC Link Linkage System Kit AP001A
From 2000 to 2002 Grass Collector Body Plus 30100021
From 2000 to 2002 Grass Collector Net Assy Plus 40100021 **
Westwood Tractors before 2000
Before 2000 Powered Grass Collector Assembly is obsolete
* Note: Net Assy Plus - part number: 40100021 will not fit the existing Grass Collector Body - part number: 30100005

Position of the Silver Arms

Silver Arms on the Outside

If your silver arms are showing on the outside of your Powered Grass Collector connector as in the image, the part number below will fit your tractor.

Part Number: 30100021 After the Year 2003
The measurment between the two arms should be approximately 39cm.
Your old net assembly will not fit this new grass collector, if you require the net this will need to be purchased.

Silver Arms on the Inside

PGC Body Plus and The Net Assembly Plus

Will require the adaptor kit if your machine is like this photo
Fits Years 2000 to 2002

Obsolete Models

If your existing Powered Grass Colletor fits on like this one in the photo to the left, there is NO replacement available.
If you have a Westwood tractor built before the year 2000, the powered grass collector assembly is obsolete.