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Hayter Tractor PDF Parts List

Here are a list of PDF part lists for Hayter trators. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of the pdf for yourself.
ModelCodeSerial NumberPDF Parts List
Heritage 10/30133B133B001001 to 133B099999Download
Heritage 10/30130S130S001001 to 130S099999Download
Heritage DC 12/30143S143S001001 to 143S099999Download
Heritage 12/30143P143P001001 to 143P099999Download
Heritage 13/30131A131A001001 to 131A099999Download
Heritage 13/30131D131D26000001 to 131D26099999Download
Heritage 13/30131B131B001001 to 131B099999Download
Heritage 13/30131S131S001001 to 131S099999Download
Heritage 13/30133T133T001001 to 133T099999Download
Heritage 13/40144R144R001001 to 144R099999Download
Heritage 13/40144S144S001001 to 144S099999Download
Heritage DC1240140P140P001001 to 140P099999Download
Heritage DC1440141P141P001001 to 141P099999Download
Heritage H15/40145R145R001001 to 145R099999Download
Heritage H15/40145S145S001001 to 145S099999Download
Heritage H19/40146R146R001001 to 146R099999Download
Heritage H19/40146S146S001001 to 146S099999Download
Heritage 19/42147R147R001001 to 147R099999Download
Heritage M10/30133C133C001001 to 133C099999Download
Heritage M10/30H134E2900000001Download