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Step 3: Finding your Parts from the Snapper PDF Parts List

Once you have extracted the codes from your sticker you should have the following information:

Tractor Series
Model Number

Look through the tables below and you should be able to find the series of your tractor and the corresponding pdf. This is the complete parts list for your tractor and all the information you will need to identify your spare parts. We recommend downloading and printing a copy of the pdf for yourself.

Lawn Tractors

Tractor SeriesModelPDF
--All Lawn Tractor AccessoriesDownload
Series 1650Lawn Tractor and AccessoriesDownload
Series 0RD1740, RD1840, RD2040Download
Series 0RD18540, RD18VG40Download
Series 0RD18VG40Download
Series 0YT1644, YT1844, YT1850, YT2050Download
Series 0LT12D33, LT12D41Download
Series 1 GearLT125G33, LT125G41, RLT125G33Download
Series 1 HydroELT140H331KV, ELT140H411KV, LT140H331KV, LT140H411KV, RLT140H331KVDownload
Series 1 DiscLT115D331B, LT115D411B, RLT115D331B, ELT115D331BDownload
Series 1LT120D331BDownload
Series 1LT12D33, LT12D41Download
Series 1LT16Download
Series 2LT12, LT16Download
Series 4YT12D, YT16DDownload
Series 4, 5GT180HDownload
Series 7220 HydroRPX200Download
Series ALT125G33AB, ELT120G33AB, ELT125G33AB, ELT125G38ABDownload
Series ALT120G30AB, LT125G38ABDownload
Series AELT140H33ABV, LT140H38ABVDownload
Series BLT120G30BB, LT125G33BB, ELT125G33BB, LT140H33BBV, ELT140H33BBV, LT140H38BBV, LT150H38BBV, LT155H42BBVDownload
Series DLT120G30DB, NLT120G30DB, LT125G38DB, ELT125G33DB, LT140H33DBV, ELT140H33DBV, LT145H38DBV, NLT145H38DBVDownload
Series FELT145H33FBV, LT145H33FBV, LT145H38FBVDownload
Series GT-600ESGT25540D, SGT27540DDownload
Series H, IELT145H33HBV, ELT150H33IBV, ELT180H331BV, LT145H33HBV, LT145H38HBV, LT150H33IBV, LT150H38HKV, LT150H38IBV, LT180H33IBV, LT180H38IBV, WLT145H38HBV, WLT150H38IBVDownload
Series LT-150ESPX2046, ESPX2246Download
Series LT-200SPX2246Download
Series LT-200ELT2246Download
Series LT-200ELT18538, ELT18538F, ELT185F, ELT19546, ELT2044, ELT22, ELT2246, LT185, LT18538, LT2042, LT2044, LT2250Download
Series LT-200ELT18538, ELT18540, ELT2044, LT18500, LT18538, LT2042, LT2044, LT2250, LT22500Download
Series LT-200ELT17542Download
Series LT-300LT2040, LT2044Download
Series LT-300RD18540, RD18VG40, RD2140Download
Series LT-300RD2140Download
Series RD RMOELT19540RD, ELT2240RDDownload
Series RDELT17538RDF, ELT1838RDFDownload
Series RDERPX17538RDF, ERPX1838RDF, ERTX2242RDF, ERTX2642RDFDownload
Series RDRD1840Download
Series RDRD18S40Download
Series YT-400YT2044, YT2144, YT21440, YT2250, YT22500, YT2300, YT2344, YT2350, YT23500Download
Series YT-400YT2452FDownload
Baron 240016HP, 17HP, 18HP, 20HP and 40" DeckDownload

Rear Engine Riders

Tractor SeriesDeck WidthPDF
--Accessories and CollectorsDownload
Series 0RT1330, RT1330EDownload
Series 1, 2, 325" 26" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 4, 525" 26" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 625" 26" 28" 30" and Grass CollectorDownload
Series 725" 26" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 8, 925" 26" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 1025" 26" 28" 30"Download
Series 1125" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 1225" 26" 28" 30"Download
Series 1325" 28" 30" 33" 42"Download
Series 1425" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 1525" 28" 30" 33"Download
Series 16, 1825" 28" 33"Download
Series 17, 1925" 28" 30"Download
Series 2028" 33"Download
Series 2125" 28" 30"Download
Series 2228" 33"Download
Series 2325" 28"Download
Series 2328" 33"Download
Series 2333"Download
Series 23E331523KVE, E3317523BVEDownload
Series LT7533"Download
Series REX33"Download

Zero Turn Mowers

Series 150ZEZT185421050ZBVEDownload
Series 355Z
Series 360Z
355ZB2444, 355ZB2450,
355ZB2450CE, 360ZB2450CE
Series 0EZT20500BV, ZT18440KH, ZT20500BVDownload

Kohler Engines

Magnum MV16Spec 56501-56518Download
Magnum MV18Spec 58501-58539Download
Magnum MV20Spec 57501-57514Download

Owners Instruction Manuals

SeriesDeck WidthPDF
Series 026" and 30"Download
169355740" Cutting DeckDownload