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Countax Transmission Belts

We stock a wide range of Countax belts. Identify your tractor model and select the belt from the table below. For further help to find the correct belt for your machine, please click here. Please note that the serial number is the first 5 digits from the number you find from the label on your machine.

C Series Tractor Belts

DescriptionPart Number
Engine to PTO All Models2281110A
Engine to Transmission Belts
5 & 6 Speed Transaxles2281110A
Hydrogear Hydrostatic22906300
Peerless Hydrostatic22919900
Tuff Torq K55 Hydro22912300
Foot Control
Tuff Torq K46 Hydro228001000
Tuff Torq K46 Hydro (After Serial no. 10928..)229503400
C Series Powered Grass Collectors
PGC Side Drive All Models22832800
Pre 1993
Tractor PTO to PGC22834200
After 1993
Tractor PTO to PGC22873400
After Serial No. 81209 (5" / 125mm Drive Pulley)
Tractor PTO to PGC22923400

Belts by Tractor Series

DescriptionPart Number
Before Serial no. 00103.. K61 Transmission
Transmission Belt22950000
PTO Drive Belt22950100
After Serial no. 00103.. K62 Transmission
Transmission Belt228001500
PTO Drive Belt228001500
D18/50 & K18/50
Transmission Belt228001400
PTO Drive Belt228001400
A, K & D Series Powered Grass Collectors
PTO to PGC22923400
Sweeper Side Drive Belt22950300
107cm / 50" IBS DECKS to Serial Number 30215..
A20/50 Engine to Deck Belt22870101
K & D18/50 Engine to Deck Belt22940100
Internal Deck Belt22950200
107cm / 50" MULCH DECKS to Serial Number 30215..
A20/50 Engine to Deck Belt22870101
K & D18/50 Engine to Deck Belt22871200
Internal Drive Belt228000900
107cm / 50" IBS DECKS After Serial Number 30215..
Engine to Deck (A, K & D)22940100
Internal drive Belt22950200
107cm / 50” MULCH DECKS After Serial Number 3021..
Engine to Deck (A, K & D)22871200
Internal drive Belt228000900
Engine to Deck Belt (A,K & D)229503200
Internal Deck Belt to serial No. 30501.. May 2003229503100
Internal Deck Belt after serial No. 30501.. May 2003229503500
A20/50H Non-Electric Only
PTO to C Series PGC228001900
PTO to Scarifier228002100
PTO to Chipper / Shredder228002000

Cutter Deck Belts

DescriptionPart Number
Cutter Deck Contra pre 1993
Engine to Deck (all sizes)22807500
Toothed X-over 36"22807600
Toothed X-over 38"22807700
Toothed X-over 42"22807800
Cutter Deck Drive Belts with Mag Stop Clutch *
Engine to Deck 36"22949800
Engine to Deck 38"22940200
Engine to Deck 42"22871200
Engine to Deck 48"22949900
Engine to Deck 38" Mulch22940200
Engine to Deck 44" Mulch22940100
Engine to Deck 36" HGM228000100
Engine to Deck 42" HGM229503200
Cutter Decks Warner or Ogura Clutch
Engine to Deck 36"22871200
Engine to Deck 38"22870101
Engine to Deck 42"22886700
Engine to Deck 48"22929500
Engine to Deck 38" Mulch22886700
Internal Deck Drive
Internal Deck Drive 36"22869800
Internal Deck Drive 38"22869901
Internal Deck Drive 42"22870000
Internal Deck Drive 48"22928800
Internal Deck Drive 38" Mulch228000500
Internal Deck Drive 44" Mulch228000800
Internal Deck Drive 36" HGM22869800
* Mag Stop Clutch - A button and a lever are used to engage the cutting deck.
* Non Mag Stop Clutch - A lever alone is used to engage the cutting deck.


DescriptionPart Number
Chipper Shredder to 2003
C,A, K & D series228000400
Chipper Shredder from 2004
C,A, K & D series229503600
A20/50 H229503700


DescriptionPart Number
C Series PTO228001100
C Series Side Drive Belt22950300
A, K & D Series PTO228001100
A, K & D Series Side Drive Belt228001300

Deck Tension Bars

DescriptionPart Number
38" / 98cm IBS29202400
36" / 92cm IBS deck29203900
38" / 98cm Mulch deck29203700
42" / 107cm IBS deck29203700
50" / 127cm IBS deck29203700
50" / 127cm Mulch deck29203700
42" / 107cm HGM deck29203700
48" / 122cm IBS deck29203800
44" / 112cm Mulch deck29203800
36" / 92cm HGM deck29203800